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Have you ever wondered how the discipline of dance can shape a successful career in barrel racing? Join us on Hope Ignited as we dive into the inspiring journey of Jeff Amsden. From dancing with legends like Paula Abdul to training his own horses, Jeff reveals how his love for dance and cowboy culture intersect in remarkable ways. Discover the grit, passion, and dedication behind mastering both art forms, and learn valuable lessons on perseverance and following your true passion. Tune in for an episode filled with inspiration, laughter, and a touch of cowboy charm.

Meg Weatherman

Join Ashley and Kevin as they welcome NASCAR wife Meg Weatherman to the Hope Ignited table to chat Hope, driving like a grandma and the

Spud Webb

Join us this week with NBA Legend and 1986 Slam Dunk Champion Spud Webb as he shares stories and insights on his battles with Larry

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